Eco is the first and only optical and sunglass collection made with 95% recycled materials. Eco received an Environmental Claims Validation™ (ECV) from UL Environment (ULE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a world leader in product evaluation. The ULE validation substantiates Eco's assertion that the eyewear is made with 95 percent recycled stainless steel and plastic.

ULE applies a rigorous, independent process to validate environmental claims such as recycled content. An Environmental Claims Validation from ULE indicates that eco's green claims have been validated as accurate by the independent, third-party organization. "With so many products in the marketplace making green claims, we felt it was absolutely necessary to give our customers a higher-level of reassurance that we are truly committed to sustainability," said Alessandro Lanaro, CEO of Modo. "We are very proud to receive an official validation from UL Environment, an organization that consumers truly trust. "As a UL subsidiary, UL Environment brings 115-years of experience in testing, certification and standards development to the environmental products industry. Once a product has been validated through the ECV program, the manufacturer is allowed

to use the ECV logo on its packaging. Consumers who see the ULE ECV logo can be confident that the product has met specific and measureable guidelines to support environmental claims.

"The Environmental Claims Validation program is part of UL's century-long effort to inform consumers about their
products" said Steve Wenc, president of UL Environment, Inc. "We are thrilled to validate eco, a highly-visible brand that offers consumers a product proven to be made with recycled content, which is environmentally-preferable."