Advanced Optometry

Our Doctors

Dr. Channing Baird

Dr. Channing Baird completed Optometry School at Pacific University in 1994 after receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Physics in 1990 from the University of Colorado. After working with some of Denver’s top physicians, she opened her own practice in Washington Park in 1999. Dr. Baird has been in practice for 26 years.

A native of Colorado, Dr. Baird’s annual mission trips to all parts of the world are her passion bringing medications, dental services, and prescription eyeglasses to impoverished communities. She enjoys meeting people and seeking answers that help improve their lives. She says, “Optometrists do more than care for their patients’ eyes, they can improve a person’s vision. It’s rewarding to have a skill that people need globally.”

Dr. Kathryn Lachenman

Dr. Kathryn Lachenman graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University and later attended Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago for her Optometric Doctoral training. She continued her education with clinical rotations at the Lexington, Kentucky VA Hospital and Wenzhou Medical College Eye Hospital in Wenzhou, China.

Prior to joining Eyes of the World in 2014, Dr. Lachenman practiced in a refractive and cataract surgery setting, but her desire for more one-on-one time with patients guided her back to private practice. She has been practicing since 2011.

When not in the office, Dr. Lachenman enjoys running, skiing, and spending time with her husband and daughter.